Bells (Drilbu, Ghanta, Bell): It is used for relaxing and introducing the reverberated sound waves into the body to stimulate the energy center of the head. We use it to diagnose and to analyze where the reverberation serves as a basis.

Tingsha: It is used for harmonizing the two parts of the brain. It synchronizes the male and female side. It is a Yin type tool that helps the reception and opens the channels.

Gong: It harmonizes the space and signals the beginning and the end of a treatment. It helps the treated person to come back from a deep state if it happens to be too difficult.

Singing-bowls: We can divide the bowls into two groups. With smaller bowls we mainly treat the head and the upper part of the body. Because of their Yin type we apply them at parts of the body with low energy. It is useful for lymph stagnation, joint problems, cartilages and joints not to become threadbare. The bigger, Yang type, bowls act more powerful. These are used as antispasmodic, painkiller and also used for detoxication and to improve respiration. These are the cleaners. Sediments, calcification, accumulated roughages are dissolved. It can cause a little unpleasant feeling during the first treatment or a mild pain. Their vibration creeps in so deeply into the organism that every cell can be woken up and can be activated through the cell membrane. It can expound its salutary effect in the bone-marrow too. The bowls, regarding their material, can consist of five, seven, twelve kind of metals. Mostly the seven-metal bowls are available. These handmade bowls usually are from India. But there are manufactures in Nepal and Tibet also. The forging of these bowls is based on a several centuries-old tradition.

Their substance: gold, silver, mercury, copper, tin, iron and lead which correspond to the seven cosmic planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

Burma sheet bell: it is used for harmonizing bigger spaces, stimulating weakly working chakras and organs.

Ceremony gong from Cambodia: Its effect is the same with the Burma sheet bell, its sound is sharper.

Mallets and strikers: These are used for sound the tools with a hit, tolling and rubbing. Their substance can be leather, rubber, felt, hemp, soft and hardwood. Their importance should not be underrated, since a wide range of sound resonance can be got with the application of these tools.

Burma gong: It is used for open the ceremonies.

Tibetan mussel horn:The ritual tool of Tibetan ceremonies. When several horns sound together,it clears the space. Its deep sound mainly has a good effect on the hollow organs. Other ethnic groups used it ,etc. to inspire the soldiers at starting the battle, or as any other ritual,communicational tool.