My name is Tibor Balla. I was born in 1967 in Kecskemet and I have been living and working here since then. I have been interested in human-therapy since the middle of 90's. Like several similarly thinking people, I started my career with energetic studies as well (Reiki I-II-III, Reiki master teacher and various bioenergetics). In 1996 I met Aunt Magdi who used vacuum cups and shared her experiences that she gained working with a Chinese naturopath. So, she taught me a basic phyto-therapy, vacuum cup treatment, moxa-therapy, stimulated muscle treatments and cleaning-harmonizing chakra with Tibetan hand-bells. At that time I met sound therapy appliances for the first time. In the autumn of 1998 I got a Buddhist refuge on the Karma Kagyu line and I have been bearing the blessing and induction of their Lama as Karma Tsewang Rinchen. Afterward I got a blessing for my activities on the Drikung-kagyu line. During the following 4-5 years I learnt other therapeutic methods like chakra and color therapy, mantra and vibration therapy and elementary water therapy. With a small change I delved into the manual therapy. I became acquainted with the human organs, segments of body parts at Laszlo Farago's massage courses (refreshing, lymph massage, traditional Thai massage).
Thank to my fortune (good karma) I had the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage in the Northern India then in Nepal. Our crew was particularly met by His Holiness 17th Karmapa and he gave his blessing to our way. We toured the different stations of Buddha’s life accompanied by some friends and a very learned Tibetan Lama of whom I have got the most and the deepest knowledge so far. Over his blessings I got initiation and permission to practice “phova” and different kinds of meditation exercises. He gave shelter to me along Gelugpa line by the name of “Tenzin Sherab”. During the pilgrimage in Bodhgaya – the scene of Buddha’s brightening up – I met tools of sound therapy, especially antique singing bowls. In Lumbini, the place where Buddha was born, I attended a ceremony in the Chinese cloister called Zong Hua where singing bowls were used as ceremonial appliances among other sound devices. The real sound therapeutic delicacy was Kathmandu and its catchments area. Here I met therapeutic education, singing bowls therapists and apprentices so we could have an exchange of ideas and methods. Here I could come by eastern sound therapy specialized literature. I could experience the self-sacrificing metal handworks of different workshops. I alloyed the blessing given on my therapeutic and curative activity by the Tibetan teacher Lama Lhundup and my experiences of that place. And this experience has become the most complete spiritual and mental nourishment of my life so far. My grateful acknowledgements are due to my friend, Gyula Steiner, for organizing this pilgrimage and for helping us throughout the trip.
According to all these studies and experiences I formed and still have been widening my sound therapy methods. As from feedbacks, I can get better results in overcoming the problems and illnesses than with any other treating methods used by me. I am grateful to my friend Laszlo Farago, who helped and supported me, to Gabor Balog, who helped to purchase the singing-bowls and last but not least to Bori Sleisz for editing this website. Furthermore, I thank for the mental help of those people who did not hide their opinion about their treatment, and continuously are sharing their experiences with me.

My other activities:

Body soft tuning with special tuning forks...
Relaxation training on the sounds of Mongolia and Tibet.
Ritual mantra therapy.
Active, passive meditational techniques.
Lymph and slimming massage.
Dorsal segment massage.
Bach flower therapy.
Soft chiropractic.
Vacuum Cup.
Ear and body candle.

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I am heading for that ancestral Soul, of whom once the existence streamed out.
(Bhagavad-gita XV.4.)