Humanity has used the sound resonance in order to cure from time immemorial. The original homeland of imminent recovery and cure while the rhythmic drumming caused trance state is the American Indian shamans’ land. The sound of the bowls and hand-bells used for rites brought results instead in the East. In monasteries the curing pujas, mantras and the joint sounds of the metal bowls got people into a near-trance state. These bowls were expressly used for curing as well. Descriptions of that can be already found in Vedas too. Their popular denomination is: Tibetan singing-bowls but in India and Nepal they are lovingly applied and taught as well.

The singing bowl dissolves the cumulated and thickened low-resonated energies then fills them up with curing resonance. As a result of that, smaller pains can occur mostly in the painful and low-functioned organs, body parts (kidney, abdomen, lung etc.). By the end of the treatment significant improvement could be expected. A bowl can give rise to approximately eight-ten sound resonances plotted against the quality of the bowl and the treating person. A well-designed bowl has a keynote, an overtone and at least one or two lower-tones. We can manipulate all of these on three sound levels: a blunt-deep, a tall-whistling and in an interval of metallic sound. In at least three intervals induced three kinds of audio frequencies make nine curative sound waves from a bowl. I use at least nine singing bowl during a treatment. It can produce nearly a hundred sound waves if the bowls have different size and wall-thickness. These sound waves are divided into three known domains:

Alpha-resonance: it relaxes the body, calms the consciousness.

Theta: it acts on the level of deep sleep, mostly the same with the pulsation of the Earth. This resonance resolves, builds in, starts self-curing processes, and treats the emotional blocks and tensions. It improves the breathing, starts a detoxication process, and neutralizes all the contrasting (sick) wave frequencies. On the almost every occasion of treatment, even for the first time, the recovery gets started, the curative energies are fixed, the state improves. Always the treated person's organization determines the level on which the curative vibrations can be accepted, - the rest are transmitted out from the body at its five ends (head, hands, feet). The ill vibrations also leave in this way.

Delta: in case of more serious illnesses, bigger tension “Delta” blocks the body-feeling due to the sound “to be able to wash through” the body and mental-body with no difficulty. It makes the body remember to be able to tune it to its original (childhood) state. At this time the patient has a vigilant consciousness, many times does not feel his or her body and as the case may be either the consciousness or the body can turn off. It depends on if the curing happens on material or mental level. I achieved better results with this therapy than I could ever grasp with my skeptical mind. My admiration for the singing-bowls is not the right word yet.

The course of the treatment

What is the treatment good for?

Before treatment

After treatment

Auraphoto and analysis:

Fees of treatments:

  • Complete sound therapeutic treatment (app. 80 min.) – 4000 HUF
  • Treating the target area, chakra treatment (app. 40 min.) – 3000 HUF
  • Collective sound therapy (min. 3 persons) – 2000 HUF / person
  • Dual treatment (couples or parent – child) – 6000 HUF
  • The treatments also include the condition survey and personal consultation.