"I am Kriszti. I was several time on sound therapy treatment. Nowadays I was under stress and I was tense. My waist and my knees hurt for 3 or 4 months. I know Tibor for a long time and I was curious about the effects of the sound therapy. After the first treatment my knee did not hurt (nor since then) and my pains of the lumbar region disappeared. During the treatment I felt as if I would not have a body. I have no thought and I experienced the inner silence. I have not felt like this before. Due to the treatments I am much calmer, I am more balanced. In the morning after the treatment I woke in such a way that the thoughts did not flash in my mind, but I heard the bowl's sound. I will regularly go to the treatment because it is good for my intellectual, physical, but mainly my spiritual state."

T. K. Kriszti

"I do sports actively. I often overtrain my muscles. I also had pain in my joints before. My problems with the kidney stone were half of the year over. During the first treatment my articular pains were stronger and I had a pain I my kidney. Until the end of the treatment the complaints were over and they did not break out since then. During the second treatment I felt a pain in my back muscles. My frequent backache is already a thing of the past. I will treat myself regularly, because I feel it helps me and it is good for my soul also."


"Sound therapy curing with Tibetan singing-bowls, not absolutely painless, but successful! I had not heart about this system, it was totally unknown for me. The treatment was surprising and effective. I tried this method because of my pain in my shoulder. At the beginning of the therapy I was surprised, because Tibor asked me in, if I had digestive problems. I had indeed, although I did not mention this to him. As a matter of fact, since the treatment I do not have a problem with it. During the treatment I felt a big pain in my shoulder, through which I went with a torment. Although it was worth because of the result! I was able to raise my arm, the dressing was not as a problem yet, as before the treatment. The results speak for itself. Although ,before it, I had doubts with the success of the treatment. I suggest it everyone! Maybe it sounds strange, but these bowls are skilled to curing really."

B. D

"Dear Tibor!
It was the first time yesterday, when I was at you on a sound therapy( because of Gabor's recommendation). About the treatment, offering to other ones: TRY IT. One of the results of the therapy: I could sleep through the night without problems. I had not got such a calm night since ages.
Thank you !"

P. Zoltan.

"I was last week at Tibor on a therapy. The effect is indescribable (I tried to write about it so many times :)) The essence is : I moved out finally, I was able to stir from my deadlock!!
Thanks a lot :))"


"Before everything I want to say thanks with all my heart to Tibor, what he makes with me and for me. I do not believe it is possible if the experience is not personal. The most fantastic is that, when to a magic touch, begin to stop the maddening pain, and a pleasant and very good feeling takes its place slowly. Rather interesting, when people establishes with getting surprised, that simply feels well. Surprised, because there is order in the head and the soul. It is strange, is not it? It gradually and expressively happens during the treatment. At the end, I was so surprised that I could not even find a word. Anyway, I am suffering from one of the type of lupus (SLE). I suffered much with joints. It is an incurable, deceitful disease. On the other hand, the mixed distressful depression is the direct consequence of it. The basis illness can be kept on a level with hard steroids, maybe. As the lupus is a psychosomatic illness, I have to take the antidepressants continuously, because I suffer from depression, what increases much the basis illness. It means, even in 15 minutes, any of my little or big joint can inflame so badly, that I will be absolutely disabled. Little red patches sign this (typical local inflammatory one) and at this time my fever jumps up really often. If only the pain would not be and the several terrible side-effects!!! I arrived to Tibor in this half-paralytic state and in the first third period of the treatment all of pain were gone. At the end of it even the red inflammations were all over. It was incredible. And hurt nowhere! I stopped the steroid deliberately because I do not need it. It is not allowed to stop the antidepressants this way. At the fourth week suddenly split into me, how I forgot to take it! I think, because I do not need them either. This is the case for more than two months. That's all. I could write more, a whole novel..."


"My high blood pressure (sometimes 170/108 ) was coupled with migraines headaches. I woke up with headache 2 or 3 times a week. My ears were buzzing so frequently. I was on the sound therapy treatment three times. The first one was four weeks before. My head and the buzzing has not hurt since then. I feel myself calmer. The therapy itself was indescribable for me, people can not imagine it until the experience. All in all, it had a good effect on my body and my soul also. Many thanks !:))"


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